Corporate & Production

“We had a great trip to Kenya with Susan Deslaurier Olofson. My family and I had fun and were amazed with everything we saw. As a Member of the Danville Sycamore Rotary Club Danville CA USA I was head of the US part of an International Matching grant to help the remote Nicheshi School and village with a well, new school buildings and teacher housing. Susan was very accommodating in helping us meet all the Rotarians and villagers to meet and celebrate of the water well and school on August 11, 2012 with about 300 people.” ~ Ted, Danville, California

“We had an important film project to produce for Asante Africa Foundation, and Susan served as much more than a travel consultant. She operated as a first-rate producer. Her sincere interest in our project, then asking all the right questions and providing excellent insight, ensured that our production would go smoothly. The people she set us up with were top notch, always going the extra mile to make sure we were safe and happy. I attribute a great deal of the success of our project to not only her quality insight of Africa and its cultures, but to her sincere interest in our safety and success. Asante Sana (Thank You), Susan!” ~ Heward, San Francisco, California

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