“I felt we were welcomed as family, and were so fortunate to experience life in the village in a way that would never be possible if it weren’t for your relationships with the people who live there. Our time together has deeply touched my heart and soul. I aspire to live up to the name given to me by the Maasai elders and their message about keeping the energy flow going through giving back.” ~ Carole, Belmont, California

“I loved this transformational trip. The animal portion of the trip was stellar only to be dwarfed by the Maasai people themselves. I don’t know what my expectations were before the trip but they were far exceeded. I’ve traveled a good bit to developing countries, and I do it because it changes me in ways I cannot otherwise imagine. That is what this trip is. An awakening, a “coming into the light” experience.” ~ Dave, San Raphael, California

“In Maji Moto, I’ve never felt farther away from home or from my life. I was able to reflect on life in a completely unprecedented and powerful way. It was a moving experience, living with the Maasai, being so cut off, and having time to think, relax, meditate and walk, and experience the environment. Wonderful days were spent walking through the landscape and learning about local plants and animals, and getting a sense of Maasai history. The Maasai Mara safari was also incredible, just spectacular. Good food, great luxury tents and amazing game drives and drivers.” ~ Kalle, Portland, Oregon

“I thought of going to go Africa for the past 20 years and it wasn’t until I spoke with Susan that I knew it was within my reach. People told me that “Africa changes you” and I didn’t understand it until I experienced it myself. I’ve travelled internationally many times, but never with a group. Susan’s cultural tour allowed me to be among the people as much as is possible when touring, and still feeling safe (and well fed!) I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of beautiful 4-star hotel in Nairobi and a manyatta hut in the Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp. Susan, and her business partner Salaton Ole Ntutu, are excellent hosts and guides, providing access and a view into the Maasai culture that I will never forget. The trip was well organized and delivered with humor, confidence and sensitivity. I look forward to visiting again. I highly recommend traveling with Susan–she’ll open your eyes and remind you that there is a big, beautiful world out there to explore and to participate in.” ~ Tamara, San Rafael, California

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