Special Interest

Explore your passion for elephants, lions, or onward to Rwanda for gorilla trekking.

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Ayurveda Escape

Relax your spirit, body, and mind on an Ayurvedic break in beautiful Kerala. Indulge yourself with spa treatments and massages, unwind with yoga, and soak up the sun on white sandy beaches.

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Northern India

Experience the culture, spirit, and nature of Northern India. We will meet with tribal and community leaders who are preserving cultural wisdom and maintaining sustainable communities. This tour is tailored for providing new perspectives to professionals leading change and coaching executives seeking inspiration.

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Wildlife Safari

Visits to the rich cultures of the Maasai and chagga communities round out this unforgettable experience. Driving and walking safaris are arranged depending on your activity preference.

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Origins of Humanity

Explore the Olduvai Gorge, known as the “cradle of mankind.” Explore the Laetoli Beds and Footprints where hominid footprints have been preserved in volcanic rock for 3.6 million years, representing some of the earliest signs of mankind in the world.

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